Bob Hislop


Playa Coronado, Panama


NOTE: All the images shown are digitally stamped for copyright and theft protection. All images purchased will not have the Fine Art America watermark!

A Brownie box camera and a Boy Scout darkroom kit given as a childhood gift started my path and passion for photography. Throughout my life I've carried a camera with me to capture the moment in time. Many of my photographs evolve around family and friends. These remain in a private collection. However, as I've travelled the world, interesting subjects have attracted me and my lens. From the Empire State Building in NYC to the Great Wall of China and everything in between there has been a photograph to be taken. The subjects are as varied as stampeding horses to a stare down with a puma or the rapid wings of a hummingbird.

In today's world of digital photography, true images can be enhanced beyond recognition. A creative picture can be made from a rushed click of the shutter. The beauty is in the eyes of the photographer and the customer. There are no rights or wrongs, it's your eye that beholds the image, it takes you to the place you've never been or to a place you've visited a hundred times but never had taken the time to visualize the beauty.

My work has been published in a variety of books, magazines, and newspapers to include; Capture My Colorado, A Day in the Life (cover shot), The Grand Junction Free Press, Budget Travel magazine and Desert Paradise. My work can be purchased on line or at a number of galleries in Colorado.

I'm a 100% Canon shooter, using an EOS 60D with a variety of lens. My back up camera is a Canon EOS XTi. I'm available for custom and contract photography on a case by case basis. Please feel free to contact me through this website.


The Beans


Wind Dancer


Windy Falls


Boquete Rainbow


Bellezas de Panama


Air Traffic Control we have a problem




Playa Teta Punta Barco


Shots on the Beach




Sludge Drill Bit


Fireboat Tug


HOA Meeting


Mono Titi


Beach Buddies


The Fiddler of El Valle




Good Morning Panama


Low Tide Reflections


Sunset reflection


Lightning Strike




Spider Lights


Distant Cousins


Pacific Sunrise